As the blog’s name, it’s about ‘Belajar Bahasa Inggris’. Yes, it’s about learning English (as second language). There’s much I have to learn to master English well, and it’s getting more important since I teach English (actually, I learn to teach English) in an Equivalent Non-formal Education Program at a  local Community Learning Center.

What I share in this blog, is what I learn, and what I prepare to share with the community member. It’s not quite a lesson plan, but maybe it’s the most common term to describe it.

The main objective of the lesson is the improvement and advancement of participants’ communication ability in English, especially to comprehend dialogs and texts, which is the most common need of the program participants. The views expressed in the articles, stories, news and other lesson materials I share in this blog do not represent my personal views on the issues. They’re shared simply because the subjects are related to the community daily life and activities, particularly the importance of education, community and youth issues, life skills, and community culture as well as community beliefs.

Basically, quick and excellent English fluency is not the main objective of  a non-formal education activity. But, I welcome any critics and suggestions in improving the blog and my learning project.

So, welcome to Belajar Bahasa Inggris 🙂

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