Wooden Toys Grow Trees of Business[1]

From Cimahi, West Java, Education Toys sells its wooden toys across the nation. In fact, they have also penetrated the ASEAN market. Ahmad Priyatna, the owner of Education Toys claimed that he often overwhelmed by the demand of his products.

Not only more durable, wooden toys are more environmental friendly, because unlike plastic and other synthetic materials that are not biodegradable and can leach chemicals into the environment, wooden toys are 100% biodegradable. The fact that wood is indeed a natural material, makes wooden toys are also safer for kids.

However, deforestation is one of our problems, especially because we live in Indonesia, a country that has high deforestation rate. So, using wood materials without adding more destruction to the environment is a must. That’s why many crafters prefer to recycle wood waste as their product material. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper than buying wood materials from lumber industries.

Apep, 26 years old, is another crafter who makes use of wood waste and makes it valuable. From his workshop at Kampong Haurmanggung, Bandung Regency, his products now have reached Sweden. Apep and Ahmad Priyatna just a few of many people around us that have courage and willpower to be independent, and benefit other people around them with their works.


Overwhelmed (adj.), present participle of overwhelm: kewalahan

Durable (n): dapat tahan lama

Synthetic (n): buatan, tiruan

Biodegradable (adj.): bisa hancur oleh bakteri (dapat diuraikan tanah)

Leach (v): melepaskan, melumerkan, meluluhkan

Deforestation (v): penebangan hutan

Grammatical Reviews[3]:

  1. Simple present tense (used to express habits, general truths or facts)

Wooden toys grow trees of business.”

Pattern: subject + verb1 + noun phrase

  1. Present perfect tense (Used to express something that recently happened [today, this week, etc.). The notion is on the result of an action, not the time.)

They have also penetrated the ASEAN market.”

Pattern: subject + have + verb3 + noun phrase

  1. Gerunds (A verb which acts as a noun by adding “ing” to the end. Can be the subject or direct object of a sentence.)

Using wood materials without adding more destruction to the environment is a must.”

Pattern: verb-ing + noun/adjective

Defining Main Topic

Define the main topic of each paragraph and the whole text by scanning, skimming, searching for keywords, or any other way that suit the group/class needs or situations.


Discuss the topic with the group.

[1]Prepared by Abdi for English Class at At-Tajdid Community Learning Center (October 2012). You are free to copy, distribute, and use this work for noncommercial purposes. A proper attribution (a link to this page) would be appreciated.
[2]Need more vocabularies? Try Kamus.net, Reverso or Google Translate.

[3]Try FunEasyEnglish.com for more grammar explanations (the easy way).

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